What are you Running From?

This year’s musical revue presented by the Mount Allies was Fugitive Songs. The show ran from Feb. 9-11.

For those who do not know what a musical revue is, here is some clarity. A musical revue is where the songs from a musical are performed; however the dialogue in between songs is not included. It is simply just the songs standing alone.

“It was an artistically enriching experience, especially since I’ve never been in a formal choir. It allowed me to work on a student led project that benefited a bigger cause,” Sophomore Taylor Remsburg.

Fugitive Songs tells the story of many different types of people and why they want to run away from their troubles. A couple of reasons the characters gave for running were; to get out of a relationship or that they had just robbed a bank!

Of course the main focus of the musical revue would be the music! The Music Director for the revue was Dr. Andrew Rosenfeld.

“It was an incredibly talented cast. What was really amazing about it was that combined with both the demands of the music and the demands of the show in general, the musical abilities of the cast really came together. The cast delivered it really beautifully,” Rosenfeld said.

For most people in the cast it was their first time being involved in a musical revue. Freshman Kelley Northam stated, “The show had a lot of powerful meanings and themes that were really interesting to explore as an actor, and then put them to music. The best part was working with the amazing cast and directors; it was never boring backstage!”

All of the proceeds from the night went to the 40 to None Project. The 40 to None Project is a group that is trying to end homelessness for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth. They are under the True Colors Fund.

The show could not have been done without the director, Junior Tom Baker. Baker explained, “Directing this year’s Allies Musical Revue was a great experience. The cast and crew were extremely dedicated to making the Revue the best that it could be and it was an honor to be able to work with them. Each performance was a great success and it was because of the time and effort put in by each and every person involved. It was a blessing to be able to direct the Revue.”

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