Unique Achievements Deserve Unique Expression

As a senior at the Mount, I believe we should be given the option to decorate our graduation caps for several reasons. First, we are required to purchase our caps and gowns and, therefore, should have the option to at least decorate our caps. Second, decorating our caps allows seniors the ability to express themselves and to celebrate their individual success and achievement, as long as that expression is in keeping with the demeanor and respect called for at graduation. It would allow us seniors to display how hard we have worked and, perhaps, where we plan to go after graduation.

Another Mount senior shares her opinion on why she believes seniors should be allowed to decorate their caps for graduation day. She says, “I believe that seniors should be allowed to decorate their caps for graduation since we are the ones who bought them. It is our property and therefore we should be allowed to express ourselves on our caps. The school can put regulations on what exactly we are allowed to put on it to ensure there is nothing inappropriate, but I believe it is a harmless action that seniors should have the right to do.” Thus, she believes that we as a senior class should be allowed to decorate our caps and allow the administration to provide some guidance and control in order to ensure all decorations are appropriate.

I can understand the administration’s viewpoint and concern, but I think the policy should be changed for the class of 2017, especially since the administration can exercise control over the decorations to be sure nothing is inappropriate. I believe that the class of 2017 would be willing to comply with all requirements made by the administration regarding cap decorations. As a member of the class of 2017, I would like to propose that the administration consider allowing the senior class to decorate our graduation caps in celebration of our hard work and achievements during our educational journey at the Mount, as well as our future endeavors post-graduation.

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