The Echo in London

London is starting to feel like home to me. I have already learned so much about myself. Before I arrived here in the U.K., I thought of myself as being an independent person, but coming here made me learn that I really wasn’t. I never really went anywhere alone or wandered around in a new, unfamiliar city. Being here has taught me that it is okay to be scared and okay to not have a plan.

I find that the best times are always sporadic and unplanned. For those of you who don’t know me, I am someone who never says no to food, and who loves finding new things to explore. I managed to find this little spot called Neil’s Corner in Covent Gardens and it is a colorful happy little place with wonderful cafes and shops.

I decided to go with one of the girls, Haley, who I met here last week, and we had no idea where it was or how to get there. We put the address into Citymapper and hoped for the best. Getting to this corner took the longest time; we walked in circles for about an hour before we realized we were going the wrong way. After finally finding Neil’s Corner, we felt a sense of accomplishment, and deservingly so. This is probably one of my favorite days so far because it was so unplanned, fun and entertaining. Afterwards, I made Haley stop at a gelato place because, why not? (Matcha green tea is my new favorite flavor). A rule of thumb: never say no to dessert, ever.

Instead of finding a tube station to take us back near the University, we ended up at King’s College. While waiting at a crosswalk, we were talking about other low-key sights to see, and a woman in front of us told us to make a right and then keep walking until we found this big stone building that resembled a plaza. We did as she said because we figured she would know more about the city than we did. The plaza was huge, the view was so surreal, and we could see the London Bridge from it. That was not good enough for us though, so we walked further till we found a walking path that led us on the bridge.

This was one of the most memorable moments I think I will have from this trip. The feeling I got from walking on the London Bridge for the first time is indescribable. I felt so small in a city that felt ginormous (which it actually is). London has become my city; it feels like home, like I belong here. I challenge all of you to do something that scares, excites and makes you feel independent, just as being in London has made me feel.

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