McCarthy: Interim to Permanent Associate Provost

On Feb. 10, Interim President Timothy Trainor announced to the Mount community that he asked Dr. David McCarthy to transition from his position as Interim Associate Provost to the permanent position.

“This decision was based on feedback from our faculty and my own observation of David’s commitment to helping our students succeed and to helping make our academic programs the best they can be,” Trainor says.

Provost Jennie Hunter-Cevera agreed. “I love working with Dr. McCarthy and his dedication to helping students get through their four years here at the Mount,” she praised.  “We make a great team and we communicate every day to make sure that all bases are covered and nothing falls through the cracks when it comes to our students.”

McCarthy recently sat down with the Echo to discuss the transition. He explained that there were extensive interviews with a hiring committee, as well as interviews with Trainor and Hunter-Cevera. McCarthy expressed that during these interviews, he asked for constructive criticism and advice. If he was given the position, he wanted to be sure that he did the job as best he could.

McCarthy noted his excitement to continue on with this position. He claimed that he has no contractual obligation to teach upcoming semesters, but that he will likely continue to work with the Theology Department teaching Ethics courses, saying that he will “teach in ways appropriate to this job.” Specifically, McCarthy expressed an interest in working with first year students who are just starting their journey at the Mount.

Last semester he taught First Year Symposium, and hopes to teach it again. The best part of this job for McCarthy is the people he gets to interact with. McCarthy had nothing but high praise for the faculty he works with, and how much they do for the student body. His least favorite part of the job? “Emails. Without question.” McCarthy laughed. He joked that sending out one email from his office merits at least five in return.

McCarthy is looking forward to the challenges of this position as well. He noted some of the successes of the semester, including the increasing number of incoming students for the 2017-2018 academic year. McCarthy is most excited to continue to work with the students and faculty to improve the atmosphere of the Mount.

Trainor had similar intentions for the years to come, “he is a great asset to our community and I am excited to continue to work with him as we move the Mount forward.”

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