Cast of Blue: Mount Based Band

The Mount may be a catholic minded university, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking in music. The Mount is home to the band Cast of Blue, a music group consisting of senior James Graybeal on guitar and lead vocals, senior James Wolfe on drums, junior Kieran Damitz on bass, and senior Kateri Miller on keyboard and supporting vocals. As the name might suggest, Cast of Blue primarily plays blues and rock music during their shows.

Cast of Blue has played in the Mount Café twice, once in November 2016 and again for the Christmas Café night in December 2016. Cast of Blue will be performing at the Fat Tuesday concert on Feb. 28 alongside the Mount big band, lab bands, and fellow campus band Tuxedo Avalanche.

The group was formed in May 2016 by Graybeal and Damitz. Emily Flaherty also joined the band during the summer. According to Graybeal, the group officially formed in September 2016 once Wolfe was brought on to play drums. Flaherty left the band just before the Christmas break. Miller was offered to join after this, to which she accepted. Since the formation of the band, Graybeal has taken on more of an executive role, but has tried to avoid taking too much control. “This is not just my thing, I really want this to be something not just for me, but for them too,” Graybeal said.

The name Cast of Blue does not just refer to what music the group plays. It also hints that each band member has their own role within the band, aside from just which instrument each person plays. Graybeal acts as the executive decision maker, Damitz is the deputy decider, Wolfe is the “quiet drummer”, and Miller is the “chill” player.

Graybeal has said that his main inspiration for playing music was Joe Bonamassa. “If I had not heard his music, I would have never learned how to play guitar, and Cast of Blue would never have been formed,” Graybeal said.

With three of its members graduating soon, Graybeal says he wants to do his best to keep the group together, as he says he is likely he will stay in the Emmitsburg area for a time after graduating the Mount, provided the rest of the group decides to stay nearby as well. Graybeal says it’s more of a hobby and isn’t necessarily interested in continuing the group to make money or make build career out of it.

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