Ask “alice”: Help on Midterms

Oh, hello there Mount family! It’s your human Magic Eight Ball comin’ at ya ready to drop some more knowledge.  I know we’re all a little short on time, with midterms right around the corner, so I’m just going to jump right in and answer your most burning question.

This weeks question, appropriately enough, is about midterms.  Sue asks,

I didn’t do too hot on midterms last semester, and I didn’t know who else to turn to for advice.  What tips and tricks do you have for acing midterms?”

Well Sue, let me just say, we’ve all been there before, but lucky for you I do have some tips for how to crush your exams…

My first tip is to start studying sooner rather than later.  As college students we are genetically predisposed to procrastinate, which causes us to delay studying for the last moments, resulting in boat loads of unnecessary stress and panic.  To avoid all that, start studying… like now.  

Next, put the coffee down and drink some water.  I know you’re going to want to caffeinate yourself like there’s no tomorrow, but trust me, your body and brain are going to be much happier with you if you have a huge glass of water instead.  And don’t even think about taking a Five Hour Energy, those things will send you straight into cardiac arrest, or at the very least fill you with chemicals.

Study buddies are great, but if your pals are going to distract you: Do. Not. “Study.” With. Them.  Believe me, your friend will appreciate you telling them to bug off when they actually get their work done, instead of lollygagging with you.

My next tip is something you may be a little shocked to hear but do not lock yourself in the library, go outside and stretch your legs.  The fresh air will do you a world of good.  You’ll get your blood flowing again and you can clear your head.  However, do not get carried away!  Don’t go for a hike or up to the Grotto for hours on end.  Walk to the Cafe or back to your room, basically if it’s going to take you over fifteen minutes, save it for later.

My final piece of advice is to sleep.  I know that we, as college students, think we would win gold if operating on negative hours of sleep was in the Olympics, but take my word for it, your midterms will have you beat.  I know you are all thinking, ‘alice, don’t you think I would sleep if I had the time?!’ but if you follow my advice until this point, you won’t be procrastinating and you will have time to sleep.

Well, that’s all the advice I have for you for now, but I promise that if you heed my advice, and you actually study, you will crush your exams.  Good luck to everyone and study hard!


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