Strategic Planning Committee Update

President Trainor was hard at work over winter break adding to his strategic plan. These additions included new faculty members on the committee and a short film.  

Trainor explained that the brief film is “an overview of the strategic planning process emphasizing the importance of this effort and the need to get our community involved in the process.” The film should be completed and ready for viewing this week.  

The new members of the strategic planning committee are Father Jim Donohue and Professor Danny Miles.  A member of Residence Life was also added.

The strategic planning committee will be looking for community input. They plan on getting that by having forums, surveys and focus groups.

Initial input will be brought in by the Board of Trustees in a March meeting.  By June, a first draft of the strategic plan will be presented.

“We will continue to refine the plan and get additional community feedback with a goal to present the final plan to our Board of Trustees for approval at the October 2017 meeting,” Trainor stated.

Junior Claudia Morales, who sits on the subcommittee for Communication, stressed the committee’s devotion to transparency stating that a website detailing the committee’s process would be released in the future for members of the community to reference in an effort to be “super transparent.”

“The main role of the Communication subcommittee is to make sure that the public is made aware of the committee’s plans,” she explained, “keeping them informed step-by-step, by presenting our progress in a clear way.”

Morales is just one member of the committee, comprised of a diverse group of university personnel, working to create a university vision statement and evaluate the university’s current mission statement to determine if they should be changed to propel the university forward over the next five years.

The seminary has it’s own vision and mission statement, and therefore will not be affected by any changes to the university’s statement.

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