Comedy Night Feat. Mike Recine and Justin Flannigan

Mount St. Mary’s Activity Management Program, AMP, hosted a night of comedy featuring Mike Recine and Justin Flannigan in club 1808, Jan. 21.

The show began with a question from Flannigan about what the crowd of students thought of the food in Patriot hall. Many students admitted they did not like the food. Flannigan then went around the room asking various audience members’ majors were and made some jokes about them. Flannigan made it a point to discuss that he is a native of New Jersey, and clarified that he “sounds like a trash can” for comedic value.

Recine performed next. He began by once again asking about the food in Patriot Hall, and made more jokes about food and how he enjoys any kind of food. One of Recine’s jokes involved relationships, and how many of them are dysfunctional. In his joke, Recine compared men and women to “hunters” and how they are a different kind of hunters, which is why many relationships are dysfunctional.

Recine’s next comedic bit was about his family. Specifically, he talked a lot about his brother who is autistic, and how he was disqualified from a Special Olympics race. Recine stated that his brother ran in a walking race and “was disqualified for figuring out a way to win a race,” There was less of a reaction from the audience after this joke, to which Recine jokingly asked which joke made the audience hate him. He was able to win the audience back by making jokes about what to say if held at gunpoint.


Mike Recine and Justin Flannigan are both natives of New Jersey and lifelong friends. Flannigan goes first in Recine’s comedy shows to get the crowd in a laughing mood. Recine states that he has a funny presence onstage and is good at setting up the audience. Recine was inspired to get into comedy by watching Mel Brooks films and old stand up specials. Recine says he likes the independence of stand-up comedy. “Your success or failure depends on you,” Recine said.

Recine has been featured on Conan O’Brien’s late-night talk show. He said the experience was a long process to set up but was a great experience. Recine complemented Conan saying he was nice to work with. In regards to winning back an audience during a lull in laughter, Recine said it is important to maintain control and not to show fear. He also said the best way to improve in comedy is to get as much experience as possible.

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