Athlete Spotlight: Will Twizell

This year, the men’s swimming and diving team welcomed an entire new team made up of eight first years, two sophomores and three juniors. One of the eight first year students is Will Twizell from Adelaide, Australia. For Twizell, swimming is not only a career, but is also a passion. Swimming has developed into a way for him to reduce stress and has become the time when he does most of his big thinking.

Twizell began swimming at eight years old, after being introduced to the sport by his sister, but did not pay any attention to it until he was much older. Since then, he has honed his skill, leading him to place in several races including the 200/400 Individual Medley, 100/200 Breaststroke, 100/200 Backstroke and 100/200 Butterfly.

However, all of these races have not compared, for him, to when he won Gold in the 100 Breaststroke at the Pacific School Games in 2015.  Even after winning Gold, Twizell is still looking to improve in his sport. He has set goals for himself in his swimming career such as, qualifying for either Division 1 Mid-Major Championships and Division 1 Championships.

While his sport does take up much of his time, Twizell has been enjoying his time with the team immensely, especially the friendly teammate banter. He also finds time to enjoy the smaller things in life, like say, a nap or a blueberry muffin, which is something that he has managed to indulge in everyday since being here eat the Mount.  

So good luck Will, and the rest of the boys, with the remainder of the season!

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