Comedy Night Featuring: Seaton Smith

The Mount was proud to invite stand-up comedian Seaton Smith, to perform at Club 1808 on Nov. 11. Smith is no stranger to performing, as he has performed at over 300 colleges across the country and has appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers. He was also among the main cast of the sitcom Mulaney. The show began at 9 p.m. and was attended by several Mount students. This event was sponsored by AMP.

In Smith’s stand-up performance, he touched on several topics. He made several jokes about politics, particularly on the topic of gun control and pro-life vs. pro-choice. He made several jabs about how people, particularly white people, view black people, and how black people view white people. Smith covered a few other sensitive topics such as the police and the word media.

One of the major portions of Smith’s performance was audience participation. Occasionally, he would look into the audience and ask random people how they were, what their major was, or what their relationship status was. He would then poke fun at their plights or answers to lighten the mood and make the audience feel part of the show. He would even jokingly ask the AMP staff not to get angry for the language he used during the show.

Smith is a D.C. native, and has been performing comedy since he was a young child and as a high school student in talent shows. As a college student, he would go to open mic nights at bars and perform. He has stated that some of his comedic inspirations include Patrice O’Neil and Richard Prior.

In terms of his comedy style, Smith says he talks about things he has experienced in his life, particularly emotional things, and puts a frivolous spin on them.

“Great comedy comes from great drama,” he stated. The most impactful things to discuss are things that people can feel on an emotional level. He likes to remember captivating conversations he has had and make them part of his show. The Mount thanks Smith for performing at Club 1808 and wishes him luck in his future performances.


Photo courtesy of Michelle Whissel.

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