Maintaining the Mount: Outages, Issues Stir Up Questions

Throughout this 16-week semester the physical plant has had to deal with water shortages across campus, repair to the stairs and sidewalks outside of Pangborn Hall and the Knott Academic Center, half of a heating system failure for the Knott Auditorium building, hot water failure for the Science Building, Pangborn and the Apartments, an unfixed shattered window in Patriot hall,  an extensive amount of issues in the science building, along with a number of power outages across campus including outside lighting and general cosmetic upkeep to the university.

This past semester the physical plant has had trouble keeping up with the number of issues they have been having throughout this semester. Students are becoming irritated by the lack of upkeep by the physical plant to keep our campus beautiful, well run and properly managed within the dorms and the apartments.

“It’s very frustrating to see how long it takes for a work order to be fulfilled. During the first week of the year, we had submitted a work order and have yet to have anyone come to see the issue,” junior Samantha Barbato said.

Though the physical plant is usually able to put an end to critical issue at a reasonable time, they are unable to prevent problems that could eliminate the serious issues.

“Many times the things that go on behind the scenes go unnoticed, so I hope that you join me in giving a shout out to our management and staff in Physical Plant.” Ken McVearry wrote in a campus wide email.

Students and administration are disagreeing about the ability the Physical Plant has to keep our campus running at its full potential. The Physical Plant needs to be able to satisfy both the administration and students to keep the campus at its prime.

Physical Plant was contacted by the Echo and did not respond to comment.


Photo courtesy of Haley Phelps.

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