Iphigenia…as Seen From the Booth

This year’s Mount Theatre Mainstage was “Iphigenia and Other Daughters.” The show was held on the weekend of Nov. 17-20.

Iphigenia and Other Daughters tells the story of a girl, Iphigenia, who is sacrificed and the consequences that come from that sacrifice.

Dr. Blaugher, the director, gave some clarity to the show. “By focusing on the effects of the patriarchy on the women, McLaughlin created a more traditional interpretation of the myth with a versatile view of the female experience of war, vengeance, sacrifice and loss that the myth describes,” stated Blaugher.

After weeks of rehearsals, highlighting parts and learning cues, the show finally came together. However before that happens, the time of rehearsal that everyone “looks forward to” is tech week.

For those who are not too familiar with theatre terms, tech week is the week leading up to the show where everything needs to come together. This includes: the set being completed, actors having their lines memorized and the technicians learn their cues.

For everyone involved, from the director to the actors to the stage manager, this can be a very stressful time. Most of the time people can be sleep deprived and in constant need of caffeine. Luckily there is a bright side to this process because it is also a time for bonding amongst the cast.

As the stage manager, I had to be present for all of the rehearsals and took notes on blocking. I got to be the connection between the director, the actors and the Technical Director.

During tech week I got to work with the lighting designer, Morgan Serra. Serra is a senior and has been heavily involved in theatre here at the Mount. “I loved working with everyone and the show gave an awesome experience” stated Serra.

The main thing I had to work on during tech week was learning all of the music, sound and lighting cues. Something that is very important in the making of the magic that is theatre is timing.

It is always very rewarding seeing a show come together, just by knowing all of the hard work that everyone put into this show.

There can be a lot of mixed feelings when the last black out of the show goes. You can be proud of all that you have accomplished and at the same time be sad that it is over. No two shows are ever the same, but the memories you make last forever.


Photo courtesy of Hannah Opendaker.

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