Mount Gets a Tech Update

On Nov. 8, the Mount held a Technology Showcase in Patriot Hall. At the event, students, faculty members, administration and staff had the opportunity to see what new technology is coming to the Mount.

There were many companies represented at the showcase, including Involvio, Canvas and Workday. Each of these companies presents opportunities to make life easier, whether you are a student, faculty member or parent.

When asked about the three companies, Anna Bradley, one of the Information Technology Support Center (ITSC) workers facilitating the event, stated that “the Mount is in the process of implementing them.” Each of these companies is going to be involved in specific areas for students and faculty members.

Simon Blackwell, the Chief Transformation Officer, gave a presentation on the software that the Mount will be upgrading to. When asked about the showcase, junior Patrick Smist stated the “technology Showcase is a testament to Simon Blackwell’s mission to incorporate end-users into the change of the Mount community.”

Involvio is a mobile app that will help students keep up to date on what is going on around campus. One of the big selling points is that “this app will help eliminate emails,” Allison Kuty, Involvio’s representative stated. The app will also help filter campus events that the students are interested in. There is also a feature where you can let your friends know what events you are going to. Involvio is to be launched in January.

Canvas is a software, similar in function to Moodle, but with some more additions. Canvas has the capability of telepresence, which is the ability to conduct video chats within the classroom or even in meetings. People can use this telepresence with 24 different locations at once and with 2-100+ people!

Workday is to be launched at the end of February. This software will help with financing and budget management. Simon Blackwell stated that “there will be no more paper timesheets.”

With the help from Workday there will also be an automated communication aspect between students and professors. This also includes communication between prospective students and admissions. Students will get updates on when certain due dates are coming up.

There will also be improvements to the course catalog. “There will be no more PDF for the course catalog,” stated Blackwell. Students will also be able to get notifications when certain classes are filled up.


Photo courtesy of Chrystal Castillo.

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