He Shoots… Mount Scores

On Nov. 5, the Mount’s men’s basketball team kicked off their season with an exhibition game and a 24 point win over Hood College. Senior Will Miller led both teams in points scoring 22.  Juniors Mowdo Sallah and Junior Robinson also led the Mount in rebounds and assists.

The Mount was up 40-32 at halftime. Hood quickly began to gain momentum, and scored four points right off the bat, closing the Mount’s lead from 8 to 4 points. The boys quickly came back at them thought with a 24-to-6 point run, spearheaded by Robinson and Junior Greg Alexander with consecutive three-pointers. The score was 48-38 with just under 17 minutes left, Mount was safely on top.

Miller then landed four three-pointers causing the Mount’s lead to jump from ten to twenty points. Freshman Ryan Gomes landed a lay-up and Elijah Long, a Sophomore, contributed four additional points to pull the score up to 60-44 with ten minutes left.  

The Mount was able to triumph against Hood with a final score of 89-65. Miller scored 22 points throughout the game and made 7-of-11 baskets from the three point range.  His record was followed closely by Gomes with 12 points. Robinson and Long both contributed 10 points as well, and Alexander scored 9. Meanwhile, Sallah added 6 points to the final score.

The Mount’s season opener will be this Friday, Nov. 11 against University of West Virginia at No. 20 West Virginia. The game will be aired live on Root Sports Pittsburgh. Tip-off is at 7:00p.m.


Photo courtesy of Haley Phelps.

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