New York City: Advertising Week Through the Student Lens

Nine Mount students recently attended the thirteenth Annual Advertising Week in New York City on Sept. 26-30.  This event drew in over 100,000 people and was a once in a lifetime experience of hearing and engaging with major executives and companies. “Ad Week” is dedicated to current trends in advertising and marketing.

Professor Mary Beth Graham, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Business Studies, marketing professor and faculty advisor of the marketing club, organized the trip and spoke very highly of the experience. Many benefits came out of this trip such as having the opportunity to speak to executives directly and she invited them to campus to speak. It also provided internship and job opportunities to Mount students.  

“My favorite event was the Networking Event that occurred at the end of each day for the conference. This event gave us the opportunity to meet and connect with well-established marketing professionals, which not only helped gain insight on what it is like to work in the marketing field, but it also lined everyone up with some possible job opportunities,” said senior Kimberly Mazziott.

The students that attended heard from CEOs and other higher-ups from places like AOL, Twitter and Heineken. Drew Barrymore, a famous actress, was there for her brand “Little Flower”.

“I was happy to see Drew Barrymore, Logan Paul (Vine star), and Marie Gulin (CMO, L’Oreal). I even got some business advice personally from Drew Barrymore during a panel at Ad Week. It was a great time,” stated senior Jennifer Elliott.  

Students attended eight to nine sessions per day, or about 32 total over the time there.  They had difficulty choosing which sessions to attend because they were all interesting.  

Tim Armstrong, the chair and CEO of AOL, was a favorite among the students. AOL currently owns many companies and Armstrong discussed building those communities and bridging the companies while keeping those companies alive despite being owned by a different business.  

“I liked having the interaction with the professionals in the field and getting experience outside of the Mount’s campus,” stated sophomore Madison Palmieri.

One session students attended was about Snapchat and the marketing behind it. Many sessions dealt with business analytics which is very helpful to current business students. Others dealt with the importance of human assets in companies and how the full health of employees is necessary.

“The amazing part of it is that our students had access to some of the top leaders in the marketing industry,” stated Graham, “having access to these people to ask questions or engage them in conversation was a great opportunity to better understand the role of advertising and marketing in business.”

Senior Ricky Kelley said, “attending Advertising Week in New York City was an incredibly rewarding experience. We had the opportunity to hear from industry leaders and gain valuable information on a wide-range of topics. I can’t wait to go next year!”


Photo courtesy of Ricky Kelley

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