Division 1 Athletes to Receive Priority for Course Registration

The Mount has implemented a new policy that will allow all Division 1 athletes to register for their courses before the rest of the class. Associate Provost David McCarthy, along with the Registrar’s Office, implemented the changes in order to lessen some of the stress the athletes feel when choosing classes due to an over-packed schedule.

Many students feel that this new policy is unfair, and they may feel that athletes are being favored. According to the Registrar’s Office, that is not the case.

Senior Kayla Morrow expressed her frustration about this new policy. “Athletic participation is not the only form of high-intensity involvement that students have. There are other clubs and organizations, including student workers, which are just as restrictive as athletics,” she said. “If I worked hard for the credits while also being just as involved, I deserve to register before athletes with fewer credits than me.”

Most Division 1 athletes have a very limited window of time when they are able to take classes. Associate Registrar Christy Keys said, “It is unjust on the part of the Mount to require students to attend practices and games at predetermined times, but not to make it possible for them to attend classes at other times.”

“My softball practice is at a specific time everyday, and in my first year I had to take a class at the same time as practice. It really hurt my participation with the team. I’m really happy about the changes so that I can do both without conflict,” said junior Morgan Alisauckas.

The changes in registration will be very minimal and are, “likely to be a benefit to the entire student body,” says Keys. The athletes from each grade will register in the afternoon of the day that the rest of the class registers. For example, the junior athletes will register in the afternoon, only a few hours before their peers, and the rest of the class will register at their assigned times in the evening. The underclass athletes will not be registering before the rest of their class or any others, as previously rumored.

“A lot of other NCAA Division 1 schools do this for their students. I’m glad the Mount is stepping up to the same standards as the schools we compete against,” said senior tennis player Darren Mast.

Keys assures the students that this change will not affect the way they pick their classes or get closed out of them. “We [the Registrar’s Office] are constantly evaluating our registration process to ensure the smoothest possible process for all students.”


Photo courtesy of Haley Phelps

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