Mount Board of Trustees Announces New Initiatives

Over fall break, the Mount St. Mary’s University Board of Trustees met to discuss a range of topics, elect nine new members to the board and thank members for the service to the Mount. According to Mary Kane, chair of the board, the Board also voted unanimously in favor of a new initiative called “Forward!”

In an email sent to the Mount community on Oct. 19, Interim President Timothy Trainor named the nine newly elected members including six Mount alumni. Trainor also announced the launch of the new $30 million financial campaign called “Forward!”

“The underlying theme of my presentation is the need to grow and improve in various ways in the coming years,” wrote Trainor. “We can and should ‘export our goodness’ – sharing the special community we are with others, and how we live out our faith in making our part of the world a better place.”

Among the goals of Forward! are the creation of a new academic building, improvements to existing buildings, an athletic training academic program and renovating locker rooms and training facilities. The plan also involves renovating St. Mary’s Chapel, the cave area at the Grotto and the Seminary.

These are just a few of the goals. “There is a strong consensus that the University needs to grow — not only in undergraduate residential enrollment but on our Frederick campus and online,” stated Kane.

In addition to the launch of this campaign, a new budget was approved by the Board which still leaves the Mount in a tight financial position but leaves it with room to grow. There are plans to improve the educational technology on campus and the marketing used to promote undergraduate and graduate programs.

Trainor also got his first opportunity to present his 5-year plan to the Board as his first two months at the Mount came to an end. He reiterated his goals in addition to showing them areas of growth that he would like to see take life.

These include growth in academic programs to strengthen the University’s reputation as a rigorous academic institution, growth in enrollment of both the undergraduate and graduate programs and growth in the impact Mount students and the community have on the world.

All of Trainor’s goals will be added to the strategic planning process and will possibly be presented to a later meeting with the Board. According to Kane, the Board was enthusiastic about all of Trainor’s ideas.

The members also thanked four members for their service on the Board–Suzanne Nicholson, Kevin Cashen, Rev. Thomas Ferguson and Tom Rogers. The Board will welcome its nine new members beginning in January.

Many members of the Board stayed on campus after the meeting ended to continue the open line of communication that was started last year. The conversations that the Board conducts with students is something they intend to engage in at every one of their meetings in the future.

In closing, Kane commented that, “It was a very positive engagement, focused on the future of our beloved University.”


Photo courtesy of Haley Phelps

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