Buy A Shirt, Save a Life

Mount Men’s Tennis players Brandon Wortkotter and Zach Burau have begun their very own clothing company and their decision to donate a portion of their newly founded clothing company’s proceeds to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Augment Supply Co., is a company built on bettering yourself. Wortkotter, a junior, and Bureau, a first-year, intend on doing just that — bettering themselves. They decided to start with the creation of Augment Supply Co.

From being athletes, the two students know what it means to work hard and understand the necessity of a strong work ethic and sense of time management, as their website claims. Wortkotter, a double major in Business and Sport Management, and Burau, a Business major, paired up to create something that they felt could influence others in a positive way, just as their name suggests.

“Brandon and I were sitting around and he came up with an idea to supply great clothing with a meaning. Augment means to build on something great and we thought that that was a perfect word to describe our mission,” says Burau. Their mission includes making a difference.

The pair gave their apparel meaning by not only their message behind it, but also their commitment to make a change. This is why they have decided that a portion of their sales will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital so that they can help to combat cancer, a disease that has been felt by the families of the founders.

Once the pair decided to commit to the idea, they acted quickly. “It took us three days to setup our store and have our website go live,” says Wortkotter. They had four shirts ready for the launch of the store and have rapidly increased their products to a range of over fifteen shirt styles, as well as hats, tanks and sweatshirts within three weeks of their website going live.

Their shirts range in style and meanings so that each person can find one fitting for their own likes as well as to give themselves a mission statement to create their own legacy. You can find their brand’s products on their website and use the special discount code “Augment” to purchase.

“We not only want to grow, but also to give back,” says freshman, Burau. “We’re just two guys trying to change the world one shirt at a time.”


Photo courtesy of Zach Burau

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