Career Corner: Accounting Evening Recap

The eighth annual Accounting Evening event hosted by the Career Center and Accounting Club was held this past Tuesday, September 13. It was almost three-thirty in the afternoon when a group of Mount students could be found waiting just inside the doors of the ARCC. The students wore required business casual outfits and came prepared with multiple copies of their resumes. When they walked through the doors they were greeted by friendly Career Center staff and interns who gave directions, helped with creating name tags, and handed out booklets that gave information about each employer.

The students were then able to walk through the concourse between two rows of visiting employers who were ready to discuss possible internships and employment opportunities. Those in attendance included recruiters from Kearney and Company, Ryan & Wetmore, Raffa and Dembo Jones. Many of the recruiters who attended were alumni, so the atmosphere of the event was lively and energized with Mount pride. Students were able to talk with the employers about open positions for staff accountants, auditing and tax services internships and other opportunities as well.

This was the first Accounting Evening for junior Jackie Buzaid, a double major in accounting and communications. “I really enjoyed talking to potential employers and learning about different accounting firms,” she said when asked about her experience. “I am looking to get an internship for the summer, and the Accounting Evening helped answer my questions about how to go about the internship process.”

The Accounting Evening was a wonderful success, as the employers and students alike were very pleased with how the event played out. Many of the employers were invited to stay for a dinner afterwards where they met members of faculty and student officers of the Accounting Club. Professor Ray Speciale, Associate Professor of Business, Accounting and Economics addressed the employers before the dinner, thanked them for their time and asked for suggestions of how to make future events even more effective.    

Events such as Accounting Evening are beneficial for all students to experience. Even if you are not looking for an internship right now, recruiting events give students the chance to practice their professional persona, prepare a resume and make connections with employers that might become useful in the future. Meeting potential employers can be a little intimidating, so making an effort to attend these events also helps with calming nerves and fostering confidence for future meetups and interviews. These events create an atmosphere of learning where students have the ability to ask questions and discover what different employers are looking for in potential interns and employees. They can then take that information and begin to prepare themselves for filling those roles.

The staff of the Career Center would like to thank all of those involved with the planning and execution of the event, especially Grace Bovard, who created marketing campaigns for the event during her summer internship. Of course, thanks also goes to the employers who took the time to visit and talk with students and to all of the students who attended. It will be exciting to see how the results of this event will carry on into the future.

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