Campus Response: How is Dr. Trainor Doing?

As most of you probably know by now, we have a few new members of the Mount community, Interim President Dr. Timothy Trainor, his wife Donna and their three children. In his letter to the Echo, he comments on how the focus has shifted from the students and asks us to join him in bringing the focus back to them. He also speaks about how he is prioritizing getting to know the students better and “engaging and learning” from the community.  Well, let’s see how he’s doing.

Since we’ve been here for just over a month, I decided to see what some student’s first impressions of Dr. Trainor are. Personally, I have seen Dr. Trainor, and his wife, all over campus for several different events and just in everyday life. Seeing the head of our university attend a variety of different campus events encourages other students to attend said events, but also boosts campus morale.  

Cadet Connor Burne, a senior in the ROTC program here at the Mount, commented on Trainor’s outstanding leadership and commitment to higher education. As many of you know, Dr. Trainor was the Dean at West Point for six years and was more than happy to answer the call to be the Mount’s interim President. Burne comments further by saying, “his experience as an Army officer gives him a unique perspective of understanding both the academia and ‘real world’ aspects of a college education.”

Another comment comes from a current junior, Sara Wright who also teaches a yoga class at the ARCC, which Trainor frequents.  She said she thinks he’s doing a “great job in trying to get involved and understanding the different elements of the Mount.” Wright says he does this by attending a variety of meeting and events, whether it be a yoga class, SGA meeting or a night at Delapline.

Other students commented on how Trainor is more than willing to stop and speak with students about anything ranging from how their day is going to commentary on his weekly letters. In fact, over the weekend he invited some of the admission staff to his home for dinner.  One student who attended the dinner complemented his public speaking and said he was genuinely interested in what his guests had to say.  

It became very obvious with the more students I spoke to that Trainor was making a lasting, and amazing, impression. Every student said that they loved him whether they knew him personally or not. People commented on how just seeing him interact and support the Mount is encouraging and endearing. Other students spoke on how he seems to really love it here, though he hasn’t been here for very long.

Great job Dr. Trainor and we’ll see you around the Mount!

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