Campus Ministry has More to Come

Campus Ministry kicked off the fall season with their September Fest event on Friday, September 16th behind the Delaplaine Fine Arts center. The event began at 9:30, and all students were invited to attend. The event was jam packed with activities for students to get involved in. Such activities included basketball, Viking game, a similar game to cornhole, hula hooping, spikeball and a fire pit to sit around and chat with other students. There were also some friendly competitions for attendees to participate in, like a “find the worm in the pie” contest, bobbing for apples and a pumpkin painting competition. Additionally, refreshments of all kinds were provided for the students, such as cookies, popcorn and some fall themed treats like apples and cider.

Events such as these are a great way for students, both underclassmen and upperclassmen to socialize and have fun with their friends and new students they never met. “It’s a great chance to get out there and talk to new people”, says sophomore Jeremy Paraoan. Paraoan also highly recommends social events such as these to any freshmen who are looking to meet new people or just to get involved on campus.

Several freshmen were in attendance to the event and seem to enjoy campus ministry’s games and refreshments, as well as the opportunity to meet new people. Some students were even wondering if campus ministry has other monthly events planned. “I’m hoping for a February Fest,” says freshman Megan McCaskey.

Overall, the September Fest is a way for students to have the chance to socialize early in the year and to get a feel for what kind of events the Mount offers, according to event planner Tom Baker. “We want students to really experience what a Campus Ministry event is,” Baker explained. Baker also stated that, while there is no plan for monthly themed events, the Campus Ministry office is indeed planning several other social events, such as a Halloween party and Christmas themed events.

Campus Ministry is still dedicated to providing students chances to foster spiritual growth. They have several events and programs to do so, such as retreats like Kairos and opportunities to participate in campus masses by being eucharistic ministers and to participate in the chapel choir.

It seems that Campus Ministry is working hard to provide for the students of the Mount a positive and spiritual social experience that will allow them to make new connections and strengthen existing ones.

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