Bands AMPlify The Night

On Sept. 3, AMP hosted the first “AMPlify” Concert of the year on Founder’s Plaza. The headlining band of the night was RDGLDGRN. Other featured bands included PUBLIC, Bumpin Uglies and Walk of Shame.

Walk of Shame began the Mount’s first outdoor concert since Spring of 2015. The crowd chanted as the alumni band entered the stage to begin their set of popular rock covers.

“It feels different but good to be back at our Mountain home doing what we love to do. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that”, exclaimed Peter Kelly, C’ of 2016. He was accompanied by Andrew Phillips, C’ of 2016 and Chris Sonich, C’ of 2015. The band is no stranger to the AMP stage, performing covers of pop and rock songs. They were very excited to be welcomed back into the community and are very excited to start recording their debut album very soon.

Immediately following WOS, “Bumpin Uglies” performed some of their punk reggae musical stylings. The three man band was well received by the crowd of Mount students, who were dancing all night.

Next up was PUBLIC, who has gained much popularity around campus since the concert. The band has a wide range of musical inspiration from The Killers to Paramore, to Led Zepplin. For those who do not know who PUBLIC is or what they are about, they describe themselves as, “colorful, dark, and energetic.” The band was very excited to play some of their popular songs from their album “Let’s Remake It”.

“PUBLIC is a name that includes everyone,” band member John Vaughn said. “There aren’t any preconceived notions about what we are like. It doesn’t mean anything until you make it mean something. And we are trying to make it mean something.”

When asked to name a fun fact, band members Ben Lapps and Matthew Alvarado told The Mountain Echo that they watched two Harry Potter movies that morning.

Finally, the AMPlify event concluded with RDGLDGRN, the night’s headliner. It was clear that Mount students are fans, as the crowds grew and danced the rest of the night away as members Red, Gold and Green played their “World, Hip Hop, Alternative” styled music. The band dropped one of their newest songs, “Karnival” for the first time on AMP’s stage.

RDGLDGRN is going on tour with Dirty Heads in October, and encouraged Mount students to check them out. The members of the band are Red (Marcus Parham) on guitar, Gold (Andrei Busuioceanu) on bass and Green (Pierre Desrosiers) for vocals.

Andrei Busuioceanu (‘Gold’ of RDGLDGRN), said that they, “had a really great time. AMP was so sweet and helpful, and can’t wait to come back.”

Moira Frederickson, one of the AMP student leaders for the event, “felt great about the amazing bands and crowds’ high energy.”

Over all, AMP’s first music event of the semester was enjoyed by the entire Mount community. The visiting bands informed the Echo that you can follow them on either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.

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