Admissions Retains Hope

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, Michael Post and Director of Admissions, Eric Danielson are making efforts to have a positive impact on retention and enrollment.

Post discussed his retention efforts by emphasizing the importance of a whole campus effort. Retention is every person’s job because supporting and increasing student satisfaction enhances the value of the Mount, according to Post.

“I want current students to value their experiences,” Post stated. The Center for Student Engagement and Success plays an active role in this effort as well. In both CSES and Post’s role, there is an emphasis on academics, which further supports retention efforts.

Despite the events of the past year, there was no significant change in retention rates. Retention rates are most commonly measured by the amount of students who stay on campus from freshman to sophomore year.

Current sophomores and juniors had retention rates of 75% and current seniors had a retention rate of 79%. This concludes that despite the events of last year, Post and his colleagues are hopeful to increase these rates for the future. In coming years Post hopes to boost retention to 85%.

“We are putting efforts into student satisfaction, affordability, and students being involved on campus,” stated Post. This is the plan to increase retention rates for future freshman classes.

President Trainor is also playing a large role in enrollment and retention rates. He has taken the time to engage and learn with students, and has been a driving force to emphasize retention importance.

“President Trainor is validating the good work we are doing, and asking the community to strive to do our best,” said Post.

The academic schools are playing an active role by collaborating their classes with Crux, the Office of Social Justice, and the Career Center. The faculty are also attending student club meetings. The Career Center is working with the departments to recruit for internships and future jobs for students.

Post also discussed changes happening within Admissions. We can expect growth in the freshman class and to have more visitors on campus. Admissions is doing more promotion to invite prospective families to campus.

“I’d like to encourage students and faculty to say hello to these families and welcome them to campus,” stated Post.

Prospective students will also now be receiving text messages to communicate upcoming Admissions programs.

“I’d like people to know how appreciative I am of the whole campus support for recruitment and retention efforts. We couldn’t do what we do in Admissions and Student Affairs without support from campus,” Post stated.

Both Post and Danielson are enjoying their new roles on campus. Danielson is new to the Mount, but has worked in the admissions field for eleven years. He enjoys the Mount’s Liberal Arts curriculum and the family friendly environment.

“I could sense immediately that everyone loved being here and working here. I love the energy on this campus,” stated Danielson.

Post stated, “I love my new role, and I love coming to work everyday. I love spending time with students.” Post and Danielson work together to focus on improving enrollment efforts. Danielson works with Post to continue to build relationships between Admissions and the Mount campus. Danielson hopes to continue to grow in his love for the Mount by getting prospective students excited and helping them to envision being a student here.

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