Scholarship Changes Name, Keeps Meaning

The Office of Social Justice scholarship is not a new scholarship, it is being re-announced within the Mount St. Mary’s University community. Previously it was named the Catholic Leadership scholarship and will now be changed to the Service and Justice scholarship. This change is being made to be more inclusive within the Mount community.

This scholarship is offered to senior High School students who are planning on attending The Mount. It is awarded based on outstanding academic achievement and is guaranteed for all four years of attendance at The Mount.

There are several benefits included in this academic financial award, including an internship with the Office of Social Justice. This would include working with them and assisting them in planning the many adventurous activities they have throughout the academic school year.

By giving the awarded scholar an opportunity to work within the Office of Social Justice, it engages and encourages the student to continue to do service at the Mount as well as other communities. Not only does it encourage and nurture the students desire to give to others who are less fortunate, it allows the student to be engaged and potentially assist in the trips the office plans.
The scholar is encouraged and supported in leading a just lifestyle of service to all communities during their time at The Mount. The scholarship is meant to provide an opportunity to be able to serve the community, The Mount student body, as an individual and within a group over all four years. As quoted by one of the Office of Social Justice employees, “if it wasn’t for this scholarship it would be a lot more difficult to undertake all of the many activities associated with the office.”

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