Echo on Campus: What are you going to miss most about the Mount?

Gaby Cusato

FullSizeRender-25Annapolis, MD

Class of 2016

“I’ll miss having all my friends live so close to me.”








FullSizeRender-24Rosalyn Smaldone

Emmitsburg, MD

Class of 2016

“I will miss late nights at the café.”









Gianna Tucker

Narrangansett, RIFullSizeRender-29

Class of 201

“I will miss the people here who have become a second family.”





Andrew McCarthyFullSizeRender-28

Glen Burnie, MD

Class of 2016

“I am going to miss having the beautiful chapels available to stop in on my way to class or before I head back to my room at night.”







FullSizeRender-26Dr. Martin Malone

University Professor of Sociology

“I will miss meeting confused and unprepared freshmen who, over the course of four years, discover their talents and turn into highly motivated, hard-working and focused adults ready to start their careers.”




Dr. Leona SevickFullSizeRender-27

Associate Provost, Associate Professor of English

“I’ll miss our students most of all.  I’ve had the pleasure of teaching many Mount students in my nine years here, and as I often tell them, it’s the best part of my day!  I’ll also miss working with them to plan and problem-solve.  Mount students are respectful, pleased and grateful for any help they receive, and it’s been a pleasure to work with them.”

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