Outdoor adventures, almost every style of sundress and why ice cream is a viable lunch choice

Spring has sprung (at least for now)… The most finicky of seasons, what do you do when it’s mid-forties one day and sunny and seventy-five the next? Break out the Catholic school appropriate length short shorts and head outside.  Warm sunny days are made for being outside, convince your professor to have class outside, go running or take a hike (like to Indian Lookout, Catoctin Mountain Park or Cunningham Falls).  Oh My God so much nature and outdoorsiness I love it. Relatively athletic outdoor activities require good sneakers, a t-shirt and some shorts, the epitome of casual and functional.  If outdoor adventures aren’t quite your style or you have a not so secret alter ego who loves sundresses, then spring might just be the season for you.

Sundresses, like sweaters (my all -time favorite piece of clothing) come in a variety of options.

There are strapless sundresses (say that three times fast) for if you feel the need to show some scandalous shoulder and sport uncomfortable undergarments.  A good strapless dress is a closet staple so don’t rule them out just yet.

Fit and Flare are a flattering style on everyone and add a little bit of sweet sassiness to any spring day.  If you are looking for a go to outfit for anything from a day full of errands or date night, a fit and flare dress makes a statement all by itself.  

The Shift dress, trendy as in Twiggy wore an awful lot of them.  The shift dress has a sort of understated glamour to it.  Like any dress it comes in casual and fancy styles and well you go to the Mount, so odds are you’re either coveting a Lilly Pulitzer dress or already have one in your closet.

T-shirt, A-line and Babydoll these dresses have a few things in common, one that they are my favorite.  Two they are loose and they love you even when you decide to eat ice cream for every meal on a Friday.  Give me a break it is Lent, ice cream is a perfectly viable non-meat option.  They are also so incredibly comfortable that you could fall asleep quite easily in them.  

Last but not least the maxi dress.  Short girls before you think you’re going to go swimming in them there are plenty of petite styles and/or you could just wear wedges for the rest of your life.  Average height and tall girls never fear this dress has been designed with you in mind. The maxi dress gives the illusion that you are one tall and two put-together.  Personally while I love being short, it is nice throwing people for a loop once in a while.

Spring while sundresses reign supreme you need to be prepared for when the weather changes, so grab a sweater as you walk out the door.  Always be prepared—that is my motto (not really, I stole that from the Girl Scouts or something like that). My motto is always wear layers.    

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