Letter to the Editor: John Moody, MSM Class of 1966

Dear Editor,

The following is a copy of an email I sent to the Mount.  I applaud you for your courage. As an alumnus, I can recall a time, when as Vice President of the Student Government, I was called to the Dean’s office and strongly advised not to launch a planned protest. I backed off to my everlasting regret.

As a Mount alumnus, I found the email from John Coyne very disturbing.

He made reference to an article in the Mountain Echo that most alumni have never seen.  We were dependent on Mr. Coyne’s interpretation of the article.

I read the Mountain Echo article, I found Mr. Coyne’s response in his email very defensive and inadequate. The citing a conspiracy of students and faculty to force the President’s resignation is not really supported by any facts. Is it possible the faculty and students involved were acting in the best interest of the Mount?

Further, suggesting that the “retention” program was well intended, but poorly executed is not a satisfactory response to the faculty and student concerns.

The question is: did the President plan to force 20-25 students to leave the Mount after a few weeks of school based on some rather suspect questionnaire completed by incoming freshman?   

If so, this raises some very serious concerns regarding the President’s competence and the competence of the Trustees.


From John Moody

MSM Class of 1966

One thought on “Letter to the Editor: John Moody, MSM Class of 1966

  • January 27, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    John Coyne and the Board passed a unanimous resolution of full confidence in President Newman after concluding their investigation. In doing so, it’s apparent that they are willing to put these misguided actions and unfortunate statements, and kick them to the side. The fact that there was no mention of a letter of reprimand (on use of “unfortunate language”) being sent to the President is very concerning and does show a lack of competence. If this was done in private however, they missed an opportunity to demonstrate some leadership to the community.

    Hey, as for that planned protest Mr. Moody and your everlasting regrets, I can only imagine that the protest was of much more significance than just the cafeteria food, given that you are a graduate of the 60s 😉


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