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Photo courtesy of Mount St. Mary’s University

The Career Center does a fabulous job in helping students, faculty, and staff choose the career path fit for them.  People go not because they know what they want to do, but because they want guidance in finding the right job for them.  Clare Tauriello, the director of the Career Center, expressed her concern with the fact that students think in order to get involved with the Career Center they have to already know what career they wish to follow.  Tauriello along with other employees, love nothing more than to be of help to the students, faculty, and staff of the Mount community.

The Career Center provides assistance with the interview process.  They do this by posing as the interviewer and will help with whatever they find needs practice or strength.  The employees here also allow access to rooms where they can have phone interviews if they are looking for a quiet place to talk as well as interviews via face to face with interviewers from potential companies they could be employed by.  Most recently there have been interviews held in the Career Center with accounting firms and federal state departments.  

Important things people need revised are their resumes and cover letters.  This is very important in the search for finding jobs and the employees at the Career Center are more than willing to look them over and make tweaks here and there in bettering someone’s chance of a potential job opportunity.  Matthew Pouss, the assistant director and internship coordinator is the one to contact when looking for internships on and off campus.  Pouss also helps students who are looking to intern during their study abroad experience, which is open to both students and employees.

During the last study abroad trip to London students had internships with commercial real estate businesses, reinsurance intermediary (insurance industry), the London management company, and countless other international businesses.  Interning while in college gives people the opportunity to challenge themselves as well as learning about a variety of different fields.  The knowledge people endure during this experience is something that will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

The Career Center is a major factor within the job experience and the employees here want to help and want to be a factor in helping the people of the Mount community find not only their career path, but their passion.                        

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