Mr. Mount 2015

Photo of Mr. Mount Competition
Photo courtesy of Mount St. Mary’s University’s AMP

The annual Mr. Mount competition was held in the Knott Auditorium on December 3
rd, and was put on by AMP. This year’s theme was cartoon characters and included  characters such as Nigel Thornberry, Arthur Read, Shaggy, Aladdin, Skeletor, Marvin the Martian and SpongeBob. The contestants competed in three areas, talent, question and answer, and finally a surprise round of Jeopardy. The contestants were judged by a panel compiled by the director of the Office of Social Justice, Chianti Blackmon the director Center for Student Diversity, and Assistant Director of Campus Recreation Intramurals and Club Sports, Dan Yen.

CRUX leaders Kendra Jordan and Teresa Fabregas hosted the event. Kendra commented, “I had an absolute blast working with AMP staff, as well as my lovely co-host. I ended up jumping into the position last minute because the original host dropped out the day before the show, and it seemed a little overwhelming before I did it. But once I was in it was really cool.”

The talent competition included anything from banjo playing, to Seminarians doing the leap-frog across stage. After the talent portion, a special performer named Megan Davies graced the stage along with Kyle Kachtigal.

Megan is a singer songwriter originally from Harrisburg, but now residing in Nashville. She has done several incredible covers that have received millions of views, and over 400 thousand subscribers. She and Kyle performed an acoustic cover of Jason Derulo’s “Want to Want Me.” She later played an entire set at the Mount Café, enjoyed by many students.

“She was an awesome performer, I was really excited to hear her play, and I really look forward to hearing more from her” said student Michael Madura ’17.

After Megan’s set, the Q&A extremely entertaining round narrowed down the competition to a final three. These three competed in a round of Jeopardy filled with questions about classic and modern cartoons. After the bonus round, the judges decided on a winner.

Coming in third was Arthur Read played by Ken Sanchez, second was Marvin the Martian played by Colin Gbolie, and the final winner was Aladdin played by Kiyan Sheraz ’19. Kiyan was the winner of a $500 prize and the title of Mr. Mount 2015. Congratulations to all of the contestants!           

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