Praying for Peace

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This past weekend several tragedies occurred across the globe. Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad were all hit by terrorist attacks. These were senseless acts of violence and hatred that killed hundreds and injured many more. As always, the Catholic response to hatred is love. In light of these tragic events Campus Ministry, the French Club, and other students worked together to organize a prayer service for peace around the world. The entire event came together in less than a day.

The community recognized the need to do something to acknowledge the events of the weekend. These were horrible events and the student body has every right to express their feelings. The Mount may be thousands of miles away physically, but spiritually we are united with our family throughout the world.

On November 16th faculty, staff, students, and more gathered at Peace Plaza to pray for peace across the world. Pat Collins (’19) provided music for the services and Campus Ministry brought candles for everyone. Victoria Barry (’17) read the first reading and the psalm before Fr. Brian proclaimed the Gospel. He also talked about the need for peace and justice in the world.

After Fr. Brian spoke, several students brought forth intercessions along with a prayer for peace in French. As the French prayer for peace said “Nous sommes tous de la même famille” – “We are all from the same family.”

Yes there were horribly tragic events that occurred in the world, and yes there will likely be more in the future. However, we are able to come together here in Emmitsburg and join hearts with those all around the world who all have the same hope: peace.


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