Acoustic Battle

Photo courtesy of Mount St. Mary's AMP
Photo courtesy of Mount St. Mary’s AMP

Thursday night,  eight acts prepared three songs each and battled it out acoustic-style for a grand prize of $200. The battle consisted of three “rounds” and each “round” eliminated two or three of the acts based on the audience’s votes, as well as the judges’ opinions. The audience voiced their opinions by voting on AMP’s Facebook page. The three panel judges were Abel Gonzales, Bobby Rudd and Cody Owens.

The master of ceremonies was Josh Martinez. He kicked the night off with a few jokes and kept the audience entertained throughout the evening while keeping the show running smoothly. The battle consisted of many different kinds of acts and instruments like piano, guitar, mandolin and a West African drum called a djembe.

The first round involved various genres of music. The contestants played acoustic versions of country songs, alternative songs, classic rock and even hip-hop. Round two was equally as diverse in genre, though the field had narrowed to five.  

John Andjaba and John Bilenki played the song Clarity, by Zedd.

Pat Collins played Gone, by Phillip Phillips.

Jake Tate and Veronica Messier played Arms, by Christina Perry.

“The Humble White Boys,” Andrew Phillips and Hunter Christiansen played the Harry Potter theme song mashed up with Pumped up Kicks, by Foster the People.

Justin Garvin and Matt Smith played Stitches, by Shawn Mendez.

Each performer had a unique twist on the songs and added their own musical flair.  

Senior Justin Garvin said, “It was very exciting and quite nerve-wracking to stand in front of an audience and sing for them. It was really fun to put my own spin on songs that everyone already knows.”

The third and final round consisted of John and John, Pat Collins and Jake and Veronica. The three high-energy performances made it a tough call for the judges and the audience. The final results came in and third place was awarded to Pat Collins for his creative take on Shut up and Dance. Jake and Veronica took second place with Hold us Together. John and John won the grand prize with their rendition of classic New Radicals song, You Get What You Give. John Andjaba spoke a few words about winning;

`“It was awesome to win, but both me and John were just happy to share all of the songs we practiced. We put quite a bit of effort into them and were just happy we could share that with everyone. It was great to play with the other performers and especially John (Bilenki); he’s extremely talented and inspired me a lot throughout the whole process.”

Mallory Turner

Staff Writer for The Mountain Echo

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