Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Picture courtesy of The Alliance Area Domestic Violence Shelter

On Thursday October 1, over 60 male participants walked one full mile around campus in women’s heels to raise awareness of sexual assault and domestic violence. The men’s lacrosse and rugby teams, along with other students and even a few ladies walked in the cold rainy weather to raise money for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. The proceeds from this specific event went to Hartley House, an organization in the city of Frederick that provides assistance to these victims. Inga James, a representative of Hartley House was in attendance.

The event planner, Chianti Blackmon hopes to celebrate the tenth year of “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” next year. She is very passionate about this event because “it’s a unique and creative way to get men involved and informed of these issues.” Blackmon also mentioned that “the month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I encourage students to attend an upcoming documentary about Title 9 on October 21.”

“I think it’s a really important event,” agreed senior rugby player Kevin Mitchell. “Wearing heels isn’t something that guys ever have to think about so the event really does raise awareness, because you literally put yourself in someone else’s shoes.”

The idea of high heels is so simple, considering they are a common occurrence in women’s lives but they create such an impact in the context of a mile in the cold rain – on men’s feet.

Another student, senior lacrosse player Frankie McCarthy added, “On behalf of the men’s lacrosse team, we think this is a really amazing event, and very well organized. We definitely have more respect towards women after seeing how much effort goes into the way they dress on an everyday basis. The team will be attending again next year.”

The intent was for the men to walk the entire campus – so that many people could acknowledge and inquire about the event. The more people who see a gaggle of stumbling men in heels, the more questions will be asked which provides an opportunity to educate on the other issues at hand. The Mount is a proud supporter of victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.  This is a cause that is important to both the Center for Student Diversity as well as the Mount community as a whole.  

Mallory Turner

Staff Writer for The Mountain Echo

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