Dr. Rehm Speaks on Goals for the Mount’s Future


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Provost Dr. David Rehm announced that there would be no immediate changes made to the Veritas program during a speech to the SGA on Sep. 29.

Rehm did explain various plans for improving the undergraduate program, focusing on four key areas: the Veritas program, new majors and postgraduate programs, leadership through Veritas, and career pipeline development in the community.

During the SGA meeting, Rehm emphasized how progress and change can happen through university pride.

“I think for a long time, we have been too humble,” Rehm said. “The world even 20 miles south or north of us doesn’t always know how great we are, and we have to figure out how to bang that drum and bang it well, proudly.”

Over the next few years, the Veritas program will be undergoing changes, but faculty members are still discussing what they might be. Rehm explained that the process for curriculum changes often passes several steps, moving from the faculty level up to the State Higher Education Commission.

Rehm was not able to say specifically what changes to Veritas students can expect, but said that discussions have begun.  Dr. Leona Sevick heads the Veritas Committee.

The Mount is also working on instituting new postgraduate programs and majors, including cybersecurity and data science. Rehm also discussed the possibility of adding an engineering program at the Sep. 29 meeting.

There are no plans to cut any majors.  Newman is eager to expand the Mount by a couple hundred students, with a focus on the Frederick Campus.

Rehm also spoke about the importance of leadership on campus, especially through the completion of the Veritas Portfolio.  He stressed how important the six undergraduate goals are to him, noting that he hopes they have helped students to grow in our majors and as people.

The six undergraduate program goals include: 1) the Catholic vision of the human person, 2) the Western tradition, 3) competencies, 4) your major, 5) social justice in the global community, and 6) a life well-lived.  The hope is that these goals, along with the curriculum as a whole, will strengthen Mount students and prepare them to work for the common good in the workforce.

“We are thinking about how to strengthen the leadership requirement and make it a signature moment for anyone graduating from the Mount,” Rehm said.

Rehm stressed the importance of helping Mount students get jobs.  The Mount hopes to respond to the needs of the Frederick community, and plans to respond to employers and businesses in the area.

Rehm said that Newman has been extremely active since coming to the Mount, and the faculty is responding positively to his energy.  He continued in saying that university faculty members are continuing to dedicate themselves to what is best for the students, both in and out of the classroom.

“Academic excellence – that’s always been my vision,” said Rehm.

Rebecca Schisler

News Editor for The Mountain Echo

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