Class of 2016 Kicks Off

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The class of 2016 celebrated the start of their last school year with the Senior Kick- Off. The Office of Annual Giving and SGA teamed up to celebrate this year’s senior class gift with free food and drinks. This year’s gift is Open Designation, meaning that those who give can decide where they want their gift to go. A portion of the funds raised will go towards the Senior Stone in Founder’s Walkway and also to the class pins that will be worn at graduation.

The festivities were held in Peace Plaza where SGA and the Class Gift Committee beautifully decorated the area with string lights and tables for the students to gather and socialize. Upon entrance, students were given the opportunity to donate ten dollars to receive a keepsake glass cup engraved with the Mount St. Mary’s University logo. Those proceeds will all aid in collecting the goal of twenty thousand dollars for this year’s gift. There was a variety of beer and wine for of age students to enjoy as they celebrated with their fellow classmates. In addition, a lovely buffet spread with foods such as small sandwiches and spring rolls were available for the students to enjoy.

The beginning of senior year presented Mount students with a mix of emotions. “Senior year has been really awesome so far but the thought of graduating is bittersweet,” said Accounting major Pete Koscielski. Though he did say he was very excited to find a job after graduation. The feeling of bitter sweetness was palpable, as excited buzz of after school plans were mixed with comments of seniors saying they were going to miss their mountain home.

Many students took the night to think about the bright futures ahead of them. Sarafina Arthur-Williams stated, “I’m really happy to be a senior this year and excited to graduate. I’m ready for this chapter of my life to end and for a new one to begin.” Others echoed that sentiment as they toasted to an exciting year ahead.

Chiddi Okafor praised the night’s event saying, “It was a great way to come together as a class in a relaxing and fun environment.” She also stated, “Tonight I’ve had the opportunity to connect with students in my class that I’ve never really talked to and spend time with the friends I have.” When prompted on her thoughts of senior year as a whole, she offered, “It feels like I’m still a freshman and the idea of graduation is really surreal.”

The entire event was truly a Mount Moment as students spent time laughing and socializing and most of all celebrating a wonderful four years at the Mount.

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