Cabaret Night 2015: Night at the Delaplaine

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Picture courtesy of Mount St. Mary’s University

On September 25, 2015, the Mount held its annual Cabaret Night in the Horning Theater of the Delaplaine Fine Arts Center. The flyer for the event read, “Singers, actors, instrumentalists- a little bit of everything! You won’t want to miss this!” The performance did not disappoint and did an excellent job of showcasing a variety of different acts, an overall success.

Before the performance began, there was a hum of students, faculty and family members waiting in the audience. Programs were handed out to the audience displaying the students performing and the titles of their acts in order. Once most of the theater seats were full, two students came on stage to welcome the audience to the “Night at the Delaplaine.”  

The setting of the stage consisted of various musical instruments from a grand piano to an electric guitar and drum sets, and technical equipment, giving a sense of variety and vibrancy to an otherwise empty set. Everything on the stage was open and in plain sight, allowing the audience to actually see everything the performers were doing with the instruments in preparation for their acts. The first row of the audience was on the same level as the stage, allowing for a close interaction between the performers and their audience. As the lights in the audience dimmed and a soft light focused on the center of the stage, the Cabaret Night began.

One element that was truly unique about this year’s show was the variety of its acts. Performers ranged from the Mount’s well-known male acapella group, the Crescendudes, to an acoustic duet to a student written skit performed by five actors and actresses. The genre of vocal performances ranged from opera to musical theater to pop and indie, showcasing different tastes in music. Each performer had rehearsed and polished their piece in preparation for the event and the results truly displayed each student’s talents. The performances ran smoothly together and gave an atmosphere that was professional while at the same time exciting and fun to watch.

Halfway through the performances, Dr. Kurt Blaugher from the Visual and Performing Arts Department came onto the stage to talk to the audience. He expressed that the students performing came from a variety of majors but were able to come together through theater. “The great thing about performing arts,” he said, “is that it is open to everyone regardless of their major. We want theater at the Mount to be an incubator. As students, you will always remember the performances you do here.” Some of the students had previously performed in the Mount’s theatrical productions while others were performing for the first time in this show.

Each semester, the Mount puts on several other productions, including café and karaoke nights, which are open to all students and allow for a sense of unity within the student body. Overall, the Cabaret Night gave the impression of students who genuinely loved theater and music and were enthusiastic to share their gifts with the Mount community.

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