Imposing Consequences in Professional Sports  

Photo of a Football
Photo courtesy of Internet Sports Academy

One of the most effective ways to correct wrong or illegal behavior is to punish the perpetrator in a responsible and meaningful manner.  Parents punish their children, teachers punish their students, and the US Justice System punishes those that decide to break the law. However, there is a group of people who are often exempt from any consequences, despite condemnable actions: the sports industry.

Sports symbolize many things, and often times, many more things than just the victory or the loss. Athletic heroes serve as role models to children. Children are inspired by how these athletic role models act and respond to failure and success in adversity.

Conversely, those who take very dangerous and illegal supplements are not the type of virtuous athletic role models we want children aspiring to be in later life. Athletes who use illegal supplements are cheating the game; and, they are cheating the game for a different type of success than those who push through adversity to succeed.

Sports play a significant role in character formation; anywhere from just learning a sport to finishing a twenty-year professional career. Similar to that of a sovereign nation, a nation’s laws ought to form discipline and character in a person, regardless of what goal any individual may have within that country. The industry of professional athletics is nothing different. We cannot further allow lawlessness in sports, for this will form dangerous, immoral, and unrecognizable definitions of how one views professional sports.

Unfortunately, the challenge faced today in imposing consequences in professional sports leagues deals with who will take action. The sports industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and the only way things will truly change is if that revenue stream is cut off.  And, since often times federal law is not broken, the government cannot step in to impose sanctions.

The truth is, until money and sponsorship deals are taken from the owners and administrators of pro sports leagues, the immoral and unsportsmanlike behavior will continue.

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