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One fine Sunday evening, I made my way to the Mount Café after the 7pm mass. Upon ordering my favorite late-night snack, my eyes widened in horror as the cashier charged me $1.18 of my valuable flex dollars for my usual two sides of ranch dressing.

I was devastated. Over a dollar for a dip? I was certain there must have been a mistake, as I had gone to the café numerous times and never been charged for the ranch.

Alas, there was no mistake. The cashier informed me that it was a new policy for this semester, because students had been taking advantage of the free dips and gotten way more than appropriate.

My heart was shattered. I didn’t have that extra flex and I found it unfair that, just because a few students took too many sides of ranch, dining services decided to charge for it. This whole practice is unjust towards the Mount community for several reasons.  

First, they don’t charge for all sauces. The barbecue, buffalo, and honey mustard sauces are available to be taken to our hearts’ content. Only ranch, blue cheese, salsa, and marinara sauce have a price attached. It’s nonsensical.

Second, in Patriot, students aren’t charged for getting a little side of ranch. We shouldn’t be charged in the café for stuff we can get for free in Patriot!

Finally, they made no announcement of this change. They did not inform the students that they were now charging for sauces. It came out of the blue. Dining services should have included a memo in their beginning-of-the-semester email, or at least put a sign up.

So, dining services, I understand that it’s not cool of us Mounties to take heaps of sauces for our own use. But I think that it’s overkill to charge automatically for ranch. So, I propose a compromise: students get one or two sauces free with their order, and you charge them $0.59 for each sauce after the second. That way, it’s fair to us who just enjoy ranch with our French fries, but also ensures that no one is taking extreme amounts of ranch.

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