First Look at Esteemed Professor, Dr. Sarah Ruden

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Picture courtesy of Mount St. Mary’s University

On September 23rd, Mount St. Mary’s University will welcome the Fall 2015 Ducharme Veritas Lecturer. Dr. Sarah Ruden will give her lecture on “Augustine as a Guide through the Perils of Postmodernity: The Confessions on How to Think, Read, Write, and Live”. Augustine’s Confessions was a staple that Mountaineers will read or remember from their Classical Philosophy class.

Dr. Ruden was born and raised in rural Ohio. Growing up, she was a United Methodist, but around twenty years ago, she became a Quaker, or “convinced friend”. She is a poet, translator, essayist, and “popularizer of Biblical linguistics”.  

She has taught a plethora of different subjects at esteemed schools, including English and Latin at Harvard and Yale, and is currently a visiting scholar at Brown University. She is currently working on a brand new translation of The Confessions, and a book on meaning and beauty in the Bible.

This is the third Ducharme lecture that the Mount has sponsored, the first two speakers were Dr. Leon R. Kass, editor of Being Human, and Dr. Jessy Jordan of the Philosophy department. Past lectures can be watched on the Mount website.

The lecture will take place on September 23rd at 4pm, in Knott Auditorium.  

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