Class of Officers of 2019: Destined to Lead

Picture courtesy of Mount St. Mary's SGA
Picture courtesy of Mount St. Mary University’s SGA

Members of the Mount St. Mary’s University Class of 2019 elected Michael Kenny as the freshman class president on Sep. 11.

Kenny won a contested election between four separate tickets. He will be joined by Vice President Isabel Ross, Secretary Madison Palmieri and Treasurer Patrick Fitzgerald.

Student Government Association President Able Gonsalves said this year’s abnormally large ballot “speaks to the engagement of the freshman class,” adding that “each ticket laid out goals which spoke to their commitment to their class and the changes they want to see happen around campus.”

Kenny said his team’s broad leadership ability is its biggest strength. He believes the new class officer group brings an adequate amount of experience from the high school level.

“We had confidence in our ticket’s experience and vision. We are all ambitious, but we are also realistic and well prepared for the task ahead due to our past involvements, ” he said.

Ross echoed Kenny’s statements saying “we did not just decide to run because we thought it would be fun. We ran because we all have leadership experience and are capable of performing these jobs.”

A key goal for the newly elected officers will be increasing first-year student participation in the SGA. Ross noted that several of the group’s proposed initiatives center on furthering this objective.

“As officers, we know our responsibilities,” Fitzgerald said. “Now we must figure out how we can use them in ways that allow us to plan events. We have various ideas, but we need to figure out how we can bring them to fruition.”

All of the elected officers have been active members of their alma maters and communities. The extracurricular activities of the officers vary, but their stories share a common theme: they have all used their leadership to serve and better the people around them.

“I hope that our class will be remembered as a very involved and spirited class,” Palmieri said. “We want our classmates to participate, so that means we will hype up activities and different events whether they are SGA-sponsored or not.”

In addition, Fitzgerald added that “we hope to bond the freshman class more than it already has. We want the class to be aware of the diversity of their classmates, and encourage congregation between our class.”

The officers are anxious to start planning events for their class—they are ready to get their feet wet.  They are still learning what their roles are, and how they can use their position to start aiding their class.

Gonsalves believes the new officers of the Class of 2019 will also benefit the entire Mount community during a period of administrative change for the school.

During this period of great transition at our university,” he said, “the strides I’ve seen, the new officers’ goals aim to not only to enhance the freshman experience, but the experience shared by all classes. I expect to see great involvement throughout this upcoming year.”


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