Lectures Continue to Honor Elizabeth Di Nunzio

Photo of Vicente Huidobro
Photo courtesy of memoriachilena.cl

On April 16 the Gamma Tau Chapters Pi Lambda Theta held their annual Elizabeth Di Nunzio lecture in the Knott Academic Center.

The lecture was created to honor the life of Elizabeth Di Nunzio. Di Nunzio was a senior at the Mount and was just weeks away from graduating in 2009 when she was struck and killed by a vehicle while jogging on Old Emmitsburg Road just a few hundred yards from campus.

Di Nunzio was an education major with a minor in Spanish. She was determined to become a Spanish teacher once she graduated. When she passed the education and foreign language departments mourned for a student who was so dedicated to teaching others. Both departments thought it was important to find a way to honor her love for education.

Several years ago Gamma Tau Chapter Pi Lambda Theta,  decided to create an annual lecture that would honor Di Nunzio’s memory.  The lecture focuses on education or foreign language, the topic switches every year. These lectures in a way allow Di Nunzio to continue teaching students.

The lecture this year focused on foreign language, and the speaker was Dr. Roman. Dr. Roman began his lecture by talking about Di Nunzio’s love for Spanish,  and one of her favorite topics to study was Spanish literature.  So Dr. Roman decided to focus on poetry.

The lecture focused on the Chilean Poet, Vincente Huidobro and the French poet, Guillaume Apoillaire. Both of these poets both have Latin America heritage, but were heavily influenced by the literary capital of the world, Paris.

Dr. Roman explained that when these men entered Paris cubism was starting to make an impact on the art scene. This type of art was revolutionary for cubist painters veered away from realism, and focused more on personal sensation rather than intellectual understanding.

Cubism had a major impact on these poets, and their poetry were influenced by this art movement.  Both artist created poems in a visual form. The words of the poem were meticulously placed on a page to create an image.  Dr. Roman concluded the lecture by showing poems by Huidobro and Apoillaire, and how their poems had a cubist influence.

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