Student Leader of the Month: Dan Shannon

Photo of Dan Shannon
Photo courtesy of Dan Shannon

Senior Dan Shannon has been selected by the Dean of Students to be recognized as February’s Student Leader of the Month, chosen by Dean Taberski.
During the school year, Shannon is an active member in many on and off campus organizations, serving on the Intramurals sports staff, a volunteer at the Police Activities League (PAL) in Frederick for the Criminal Justice Student Association, and participating in the Mount’s ROTC battalion.
When Shannon found out that he was chosen as “Leader of the Month” he felt very honored.
“I didn’t expect it,” he said, “I got the email and I was like ‘Oh, wow!’
Having participated as a referee for Intramurals since his freshman year, and then later joining the ROTC, Shannon feels that his leadership skills have greatly developed and strengthened. He willingly acts as the commanding presence on the sports field and is happy to give players advice during games should they need it.
Shannon also enjoys his involvement in the ROTC program, working in the capacity as an Assistant S3, or assistant operations coordinator for training maneuvers, which prepare both him and the his fellow cadets contracted to eventually serve in the Army. Shannon said that he has always wanted to pursue a career in the military.
“I found out about ROTC while in college and I figured it was the best of both worlds,” he stated.
When Shannon graduates in May, he will commission as a second lieutenant officer and platoon leader in the New York National Guard, and work in conjunction with the New York Police Department. He understands that working in both organizations will require him to take initiative in his leadership role so that he can coordinate his platoon members efficiently. He also acknowledges the importance of maintaining a positive attitude as a leader so that he can more easily earn the respect and trust of his platoon members.
Shannon believes that his leadership experience at the Mount has greatly prepared him for his future roles and he hopes to carry on its legacy in his future military service.

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