Unveiling the Fell Stitch

Photo of Jordan Forrest's art exhibit
Photo courtesy of Jordan Forrest

Jordan Forrest’s senior honors project presentation, displayed in the Williams Gallery, tells an intimate story of inter-generational connections. Forrest, a Fine Arts Major, utilizes the art of knitting yarn to depict a tradecraft that is ordinarily forgotten due to the severance of the different generations.

The title of her show is Unveiling the Fell Stitch, which Forrest represents through the connection of the separately handmade pieces together to create one seam of yarn stitching. The works challenge newer generational thinking of a craft by depicting the elegance in the exchange of information, showing that the art of knitting is not meaningless, even when this information is so readily available in today’s society due to the rise in technology.

Forrest said that the process took over several months to learn and she created her own stitches with women of an older generation.

“It is the art of making with another individual that holds so much importance.” Forrest says, “It is the experience of sitting and creating that is intertwined into each of these works.”

The exchange of knowledge is strongly conveyed through the life-cast of clay hands holding yarn, which connects throughout the gallery. The choice of white yarn projected a sense of simplicity through the course of making such intricate pieces.

Taking the time to understand another generation is an art in and of itself, because time today is so fragile and the importance of our priorities are often displaced in menial activities.

Abel Gonsalves

Staff Writer for The Mountain Echo

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