Mr. Mount 2014: Musicians Edition

On Thursday Nov. 20 The Mount held its annual talent show – Mr. Mount. This year’s theme was musicians. Six contestants portraying artists, competed for a grand prize of $500 and a chance at going down in Mount history as a man who encompasses the true Mount spirit. They did this by showcasing their comedic sides, revealing to the audience their impressions of great musicians.


These six contestants competed for the prize, including: Kevin Hills, a senior, portraying the American rapper Eminem; TJ Munns, a senior, portraying Chip Skylark, a cartoon singing sensation from the Nickelodeon series “The Fairly Oddparents;” John O’Connor, a freshman, portraying General Larry Platt, an American Idol contestant; Joe Appleton, a junior, portraying Michael Jackson; Steve Sternik, a senior, portraying John Mayer; and lastly, Matthias Wurster, a senior, portraying Justin Timberlake, accompanied by his N’Sync bandmates.


The judges were Joey Barvir, the winner of Mr. Mount last year and a GA at the Grotto; Becky Malakowski, a junior ; Dr. Kumar, a communications professor; and Maureen Plant, the director of alumni relations. The hosts were Casteel Johnson and Arielle DeFoor; these two kept the show upbeat and humorous.


There were three rounds, including talent, a Q&A session with the judges and a dance battle – which was a surprise. The contestants didn’t know about this last round until the intermission, right before it was happening.


Aside from the rounds that the contestants participated in, the audience was involved in interactive activities as well. These activities included a dance-off to the popular song “Cotton Eyed Joe” and Do You Know the Lyrics?— a game where AMP staff gave lyrical hints to a popular song and the audience members had to compete against each other in figuring out what the song was. If they got the answer wrong, they got eliminated.


Katie Plant, a senior AMP leader who was heavily involved in running the event commented on the outcome, saying, “The audience really seemed to enjoy the show and they remained entertained throughout the entire show. The videos that were shown by the hosts and by AMP were all entertaining and the theme, musicians, gave us a lot of creative ideas, such as the intermission activities. It was fun to work.”

While the competition was close, there could only be one winner, this being Kevin Hills. The runner up was TJ Munns.


All in all, this friendly competition between contestants provided a lot of entertainment, laughs and memories. This remains a Mount tradition that will continue to provide entertainment for years to come.

Susannah Scully

Staff Writer for The Mountain Echo

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