ECHO On Campus 12/9/14

Question – Are you planning to do anything fun over Christmas Break?


Picture of Oladunni Obara
Photo courtesy of Oladunni Obara

Oladunni Obaro

Class of 2015

White Plains, Maryland

“I most likely will be going to a Christmas play at my old church.

Its one of the largest events in this area around this time.”


Photo of Mikia Omar
Photo courtesy of Mikia Omar


Mikia Omar  

Class of 2016

Baltimore, Maryland

“Going New York to watch the Alvin Ailey Dance Company Perform”



Photo of Aida Kamizi
Photo courtesy of Aida Kamizi

Aida Kamizi

Class of 2017

Baltimore, Maryland

“During Christmas break, I’ll be going to New York City to visit my aunt. I’ll be there during New Years as well.”




Photo of Obarikanemi Nwogu
Photo courtesy of Obarikanemi Nwogu

Obarikanemi Nwogu

Class of 2016

Mitchellvile, Maryland

“I am Going to Nigeria!”





Photo of Belen Rogers
Photo courtesy of Belen Rogers

Belen Rogers

Class of 2018

Alexandria, Virginia

“I will be going on a Christmas scavenger hunt!”

Ciara Wake

Staff Writer for The Mountain Echo

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