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Gary Lightfoot Davis is a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. He is currently serving as President and CEO of the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED). He is also a successful actor in feature films, for television programs such as CSI and Family Law and Any Day Now. Outside of his success in his career, Davis is a motivational and inspirational public speaker. On Tuesday, Nov. 11  Davis was welcomed to the Mount, to give an inspirational speech on the purpose of each person.

He began with a conversation on spacesuits. NASA invests millions of dollars yearly to produce what we know simply as “spacesuits.” It is more than just a set of clothes astronauts wear to travel into space. It is a suit offering protection from “environments that humans have no business being” Davis said.

These astronauts explore for a variety of reasons: it is their mission, something they train for and want to do. The space suits allow them to explore far beyond our galaxy, while protecting them from any external dangers. Davis expressed that these suits do not work for themselves, and that without the astronaut, they are worthless. The suit relies on the astronaut for guidance.

Davis learned at a young age that “sometimes its not about what we want but what we’ve been born for.” After realizing this, he immediately corrected himself saying “actually its never about what we want but what we’ve always been born for.” He believes that everyone is born with a purpose just like the astronauts and their suits, saying that everything you have to accomplish, you have already been born with. What is located in one person’s suit may not be located in another’s. This represents the differences between each person’s mission.

The astronaut’s suits are metaphors for the human body. The spacesuits are nothing without the astronaut just as the body is nothing without the human mind. “It would be ludicrous for the astronauts to think that everything depended on whether the mission was a success or not depended on the suit” said Davis.

The mission depends on the human soul and this metaphor teaches us that our body is just a container for our soul, which is within, and we have to spend time enriching our soul just as much as our body.

Crystal Sylvester, Junior, believes Davis was very inspiring, “I liked that he gave thanks first of all showing his gratitude. What impacted me the most was his metaphor of astronauts.”

When asked what he believes his purpose is, Davis responded “ I don’t know all the answers to all the questions, but I promise to walk not run. Where there is a will there is a way.”

He believes that everyone should have a plan in life. “You have to study, set realistic goals, don’t let people pull you off, then go twice as hard.”

Davis believes that we must enrich our suit just as we enrich our soul and that “everyday we should wake up and just do it.”


Ciara Wake

Staff Writer for The Mountain Echo

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