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Welcome back to Tech Eye for the Luddite Guy, the installment of our lovely paper where a grand total of six readers take gaming advice from a dude writing in his pajamas and fuzzy slippers, but hey, such is life. In the last few installments we’ve talked about generic games, the importance of changing your hunting grounds and the immediate resurgence of flash games. This week the advice for all you savvy gamers is less about where to buy your games from and more on how to game the system.

Shop on Other Clients

It may not have made Marx happy but capitalism has some pretty sweet advantages to it, especially when buying games. A long time ago in a distant and beautiful world, there was a company called Valve that decided it was going to bypass the annoyance of dealing with distributors and create a service where clients could procure games directly from the internet itself. Years passed and this once small and plucky idea grew into the gaming behemoth that we know today as Steam. Many years passed and other companies realized that Steam was not just a gaming “fad.” Steam was a robust, incredibly popular and amazingly innovative way to game. As such it started cutting into the profit margins for many companies and they realized that they needed to jump on this idea and started to create their own clients.

The bad news: they were too late and Steam remains a dominant powerhouse. The good news: many companies are willing to give you free games just for downloading their client onto your computer. EA’s Origin is the best example of this. Their service is, to put it nicely, awful. However, the company is willing to buy your affection and puts forth free games every month that you have for life. I’ve managed to snag Dead Space, Battlefield 3, Plants v.s. Zombies Gold Edition, Peggle and Bejeweled all for nothing. So, if you’ve got the patience to support a client you’ll barely use and rarely update, it may be time to capitalize on the free game boom.

Till next time folks, I am, as always, your humble fuzzy-slippered servant.

Kyle Ott

Staff Writer for The Mountain Echo

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