Echo on Campus: October 22, 2014

Question: What do you wish the Mount had that other campuses have?



Photo of Maria Carrescia
Courtesy of Maria Carrescia

“A photography program.”


Maria Carrescia

Class of 2017

Ashburn, Va.




Photo of Bea Tenorio
Courtesy of Bea Tenorio

“If anything, resident building kitchens. Not in every room but per building or floor,

like a common kitchen.”


Bea Tenorio

Class of 2015

Baltimore, Md.



Photo of Maria Barone
Courtesy of Maria Barone

“I would love a Starbucks.”


Maria Barone

Class of 2015

Buffalo, NY




Photo of Joe Scheide
Courtesy of Joe Scheide

“More dining options.”


Joe Scheide

Class of 2015

Fallston, Md.




Photo of Caroline King
Courtesy of Caroline King



Caroline King

Class of 2015

Baltimore, Md.

Brandi Rice

Contributer to The Mountain Echo

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