Q&A with MacKenzie Buckwalter

photo of MacKenzie Buckwalter
Photo courtesy of Andrew McDonald

At what age I began and why– I first started playing soccer when I was five years old because I grew up playing street hockey with my older brother, but my parents weren’t fond of their youngest daughter suiting up against the neighborhood boys playing in the streets, so soccer was my outlet.


Favorite memory and expectation from this season– My favorite memories from soccer always involve teammates, so I would have to say the connections and friendships I create with teammates. With that being said, you encounter great difficulties with your teammates and often times its something only you and your team can relate to–our team this season has faced difficulty in finding the back of the net. But in due time I expect we will overcome that hardship and the aftermath will be something only we can appreciate in its entirety.


My favorite soccer player– Alicia Mirando #15


Favorite team– I’m going to go with…U.S. national teams (men and women) it’d be wrong to say otherwise, no?


What is your favorite part about the Mount?

The community, close-knit.


Major– Communication Major with a Business Minor.


What do you want to do after graduation?- Make money and treat my parents to dinner, they deserve to be waited on.

Mike Celmer

Staff Writer for The Mountain Echo

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