Fall into Fashion

The Mount has a history of being fashionably challenged when it comes to the topic of fashion and with fall nearing, what might you say is the best way to mitigate this issue? Keep reading.

College students find it difficult to blend good fashion and what they see as comfortable. The season of fall is the best attempt to look both stylish and comfortable by throwing on a distressed parka and fluffy scarf. Fall fashion is all about taking layers and making them look presentable. Here is some advice that could help you in your endeavor to make the most of the fashion industry’s most lucrative season:

When it comes to fall, you want stick to neutral palettes with darker warm tones. When styling oneself, this may sound like a daunting task; however, contrary to popular belief, fall is not about the usage of jewelry. Accessorize with gloves, scarves and hats. It’s as easy as wearing those items that you can call yourself a fashionista.

Junior Claire Caesar, who specializes in eclectic styles, had this to say: “It’s basic human instinct when it comes to cold weather, you wear articles of clothing that warm you up. It takes time to create a perfect outfit, but it’s not a big deal if you have all the right staples.” Staples here refers to articles of clothing that you can wear with any outfit that can make the outfit spectacular.

As a wise person once told this columnist, “fashion is not about being impressive, it is about being expressive.”

Abel Gonsalves

Staff Writer for The Mountain Echo

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