Echo on Campus – Sept. 16

“What do you wish to accomplish this year at the Mount?”

photo of Cassandra Powell
Photo courtesy of Cassandra Powell

“I want to get to know more people in the Mount community.”


Cassandra Powell


Vienna, Wv.



photo of Shannon O'Brien
Photo courtesy of Shannon O’Brien

“To have a successful club basketball season.”

Shannon O’Brien


Boonsboro, Md.




photo of Samantha Solis
Photo courtesy of Samantha Solis

“I want to be happy in more aspects of my life as well as get straight A’s in all of my classes.”

Samantha Solis
Frederick, Md.





photo of Danielle Harbaugh
Photo courtesy of Danielle Harbaugh

“To have a successful volleyball season for the women’s club team.”


Danielle Harbaugh


Smithsberg, Md.



photo of Alicia Morris
Photo courtesy of Alicia Morris

“To graduate with honors in December.”


Alicia Morris


Brielle, Nj.

Susannah Scully

Staff Writer for The Mountain Echo

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